About Empirisoft
The primary goal of Empirisoft is to create powerful and user-friendly software and hardware solutions for conducting psychological research. It is also of supreme importance to us that our software and hardware solutions are accessible to researchers all over the world--no lab will be left behind !

About Our President
Dr. Blair Jarvis is a social psychologist with primary specialization in attitudes, persuasion, research design and research software development. Dr. Jarvis was trained in cognitive and social psychological research at the University of Western Ontario and in the science of attitude change and persuasion at the Ohio State University. His advisors have included James Olson, Richard Petty, and Martin Fishbein. His research on attitude change won him the national dissertation award granted by the Society for Experimental Social Psychology in 1998. Dr. Jarvis also served as an honored post-doctoral fellow at the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania where his research focused on attitude change and assessment in real world settings. In 1998 , Dr. Jarvis founded Empirisoft. With its headquarters located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Empirisoft Corporation is now a leading developer of the software and hardware currently used for psychological research around the world. Dr. Jarvis has frequently served as a professional consultant in the areas of public opinion, market analysis, product testing and evaluation, and in assessing the effectiveness of persuasive appeals and strategies. His primary consulting interest at this point is in the application of technology to psychological assessment.

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April 28th, 2020
Site licenses for v2020 now allow users to work from home--ask us for details!

April 21st, 2020
MediaLab and DirectRT v2020 are now available!

January 30th, 2020
We can now authorize site license machines by using your domain names--ask us for details!

April 21st, 2016
MediaLab v2016 is now available! Compatible with all versions of Windows. MediaLab v2016

April 21st, 2016
DirectRT v2016 is now available! Compatible with all versions of Windows. DirectRT v2016

February 21st, 2014
Official release of our brand new Rotary Controller. Gather continuous dial and dichotomous button input in one simple unit! Read more

March 16th, 2012
MediaLab v2012.4 is now available! Compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7. MediaLab v2012

March 16th, 2012
DirectRT v2012.4 is now available! Compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7. DirectRT v2012

January 1st, 2012
Release of the updated DirectIN v2012 button boxes. Same super-fast circuitry but now with remote firmware updates over the internet and full Windows 7 compatibility.Read more

March 16th, 2012
View and search the 2012 interactive user guides online: MediaLab and DirectRT

January 1th, 2012
The latest public software reviews from SPSP and elsewhere.

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