Precision Analogue Scale Device
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Precision Analogue Scale Device

This machine was originally designed for a researcher who doesn't even *use* MediaLab or DirectRT. In his research, test subjects are subjected to various levels of pain, ranging from 'I don't feel anything' to 'Worst. Pain. Ever.' He told his subjects that as the pain levels changed, they should move the slider toward one end of the box or the other. The slider has travels 100 mm (about 4") in total.

His computer contains a precision analogue capture card with 16 bit resolution. So, we designed some precision electronics to feed his capture card. The power supply circuitry that we chose is ultra-clean.

Any electrical noise present in the output is several orders of magnitude smaller than the output voltage change produced by 1 mm of travel.

The fader we chose is the same model used in recording studios on mixing consoles costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's amazingly precise and very linear.

The analog voltage output on a BNC connector varies between zero and ten volts DC, depending on the position of the fader.

This box can easily be modified to output digital signals compatible with MediaLab and DirectRT. Just let us know!

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